Friday, June 7, 2013

Men And Their Toys

Well whadda ya know, there might be hope for the hubster after all. Of course it took another man to tell him he was pissing in the wind by getting his transmission flushed. Didn't even register when I said those exact words to him. But when our son in law (the Army Sgt, thank you very much) said it, suddenly it was gospel. Sgt Son-in-law also urged the hubster to do something ASAP as in "trade that lemon in dude." So we're postponing our Maryland trip by a day or two and spending Saturday vehicle shopping so we can trade in that lemon Pathfinder.

Disclaimer: Not all Pathfinders are lemons, but the 2005 Pathfinder is the first in that series and is the biggest lemon you'll find!

I tell the hubster, "Since you commute 20 minutes each way, five days a week, you should get a small car that's good on gas." The rumbling you heard? That was his laughter. It would seem that he has visions of some big honking huge piece of metal and gears like a Silverado, Avalanche or Dakota or other large manly types of vehicles. I was thinking more on the lines of a VW bug or even a small KIO. Why do I have the feeling we're going to be coming home with a monster truck tomorrow, which will require a ladder for me to climb up in it.


  1. I look forward to seeing what you get.....

  2. Frankly I'm afraid to see what we get. LOL. I'll post pictures either on facebook or here (or both).

  3. HA HA HA ---typical man!!!! Can't wait to see what 'he' bought... My hubby would probably choose a Corvette if he had an opportunity.. BUT--at least I could get in it --as opposed to a Monster Truck... ha

    BUT--these days, we all need to think about our MONEY ---and buy our vehicles with that in mind... OH Well---they don't listen to us, do they???? ha

    Since we are old and watching our monies (retirement-on fixed incomes) --we did get smart and buy a Prius. We bought one in 2004 --and drove it for about 250,000 miles. Finally got a newer one this past year (a 2010).. That booger gets about 54 mpg... Love it.


  4. 250,000 MILES!!!! Holy moly Betsy! I know what vehicle I'm buying when I get rid of my minivan! That is phenomenal! And 54 MPH, awesome!

    Can you believe it? He went with the gas hogging pick up truck. But he says we can always buy a camper top for it and sleep in it, saving money by not getting hotel rooms on our many road trips. Um...sorry, but I need my shower every morning so I don't think I'll be sleeping in the back of his truck. LOL