Friday, June 21, 2013

Life Without TV

Breaking news today; blogger returns from the land of the dead to post again! Okay, maybe it's not been THAT long, but it feels like forever. Seems I caught a bit of a cold on our trip which didn't hit me until Monday, when we returned home. It was probably due to being drenched in Manassas VA on the civil war battlefield.


The week hasn't been uneventful. Monday afternoon we had a doozy of a storm here in Louisville which seemed to be centered over our condo community. There was one clap of thunder that scared the bejesus out of me. I actually jumped when it hit! And with good reason because apparently it hit the ground somewhere in our condo community. It fried my beautiful flat screen TV. (insert frowny face) Some of my neighbors lost their TVs as well. And other neighbors had their automatic garage door openers fried so bad that the entire units need to be replaced. The bitch of it is I had turned the TV off. I guess that's not enough anymore. And the surge protector clearly didn't help a bit. It's costing us $300.85 to get it fixed and we won't have it back for at least a week. I'm going insane without TV. Yeah, both of our bedrooms have TVs in them. But its not the same. I'd have to actually walk up the stairs and then sit on the bed to watch TV. Its just not the same.

So with no TV in our living room, I've set my favorite laptop up in here and have been spending the week doing genealogy. I never knew it could be so addictive! I've especially become addicted to 'Find a Grave.' Who knew the dead could be so much fun!



  1. You know it's close when the thunder and lightning both hit at the same time. TVs are more susceptible because they are plugged into both 115VAC and the cable. The lightning probably hit some cable box somewhere. Our only tv is 19 inches, and has rabbit ears on it. Have a good weekend.

  2. That's what we're watching now - the 19" in the bedroom. Can't believe we spent more than twelve years watching that box before we upgraded to a flat screen. And then 1-1/2 years later (three months after the warranty ended) it get whammed. Totally blows cause now we're spoiled! ;-)