Friday, June 14, 2013

No Comments From Me

Why yes, I am going crazy. And it’s blogger that’s making me that way. It seems that I can’t see nor comment any comments currently. It’s partly due to the cruddy internet connection at my mother in laws house and partly because I brought the crummy HP instead of my fabulous Dell. I didn’t want to take a chance on anything happening to my super-duper laptop so I brought the one that no one in their right mind would want to steal. So somehow, between the crappy laptop and the crappy internet connection, I can’t see or respond to comments.


Good news is we’re leaving tomorrow. Yay!!! Why am I thrilled about going back home? Have you ever tried to spend a week of your vacation with your mother in law? LOL. Don’t get me wrong, we get along great and I do truly love her. Its just that I don’t to stay around anyone longer than three days, other than my husband.


We’re going to take our time going home and don’t expect to hit Louisville until sometime Sunday afternoon. I got my fill of crabs in Maryland though so all in all it was a successful vacation. (I rate beach vacations on how much blue crab I get). I also got my favorite sandwich in the entire world; a Southside Deli sub sandwich; east coast style. I overate so much that I oink now! Nonetheless, it’s back on the road tomorrow and back on the diet starting Monday!


  1. In August we're going to spend some time with the In-Laws. The Ma In-Law and Pa In Law, and the Bro In Law and the Sis In Law. They're coming from Costa Rica, we're coming in Cayman, and we rented a house in Key Largo for a week. Can't frikkin Wait!

  2. That sounds like a blast! I looooove the Keys! I'll be interested to see diving pictures in the Keys vs diving pictures in the Caymans. I'm assuming you'll do a dive or two though.

    And YAY I can finally comment! What a difference a good internet connection makes.