Friday, June 14, 2013


It’s no secret that the hubster is one of the biggest fans the Redskins will ever have. (Or as I call them during football season—the Deadskins.) That’s why I was so shocked that he didn’t buy a tag for his new truck when we were at the Fan Store at FexEx Field in Landover last Monday. I was beginning to think there might actually be hope for him.


But yesterday when we went into one of the many sports stores here in Ocean City MD, he finally bought a Redskin tag. It seemed the Fan store in Landover didn’t have one that he liked. Fortunately (or is that unfortunately) West Marlin Mall in Ocean City did. So this morning was spent putting the new tag on his pick-em-up truck.


After he was tagged and ready to go we climbed aboard the USS Dodge Ram and set about enjoying our morning. This is our last day here, as we plan on heading back towards Louisville in the morning. So we wanted to take a last look at the Boardwalk. First was another stop at Thrashers French fries by the Inlet. If you’ve ever been to Maryland’s Ocean City, you know the joys of these pieces of fried potato. Drenched in apple cider vinegar and liberally sprinkled with salt, they’re the perfect beach food. The hubster and I both grew up with these fries and miss them desperately when we are not back home for a visit.

Since we’d started lunch at the Boardwalk we decided to go whole hog (no pun intended) an ventured further down the boards to Piezano’s for a couple of slices of pizza and a birch beer. I don’t know what it is about east coast pizza, but it can’t be beat. You just can’t get this kind of pizza in the Midwest. It’s the same thing with east coast subs. You can’t get that kind of sub in the Midwest.

We finished our junk food boardwalk lunch by scarfing down a couple of donuts from The Fractured Prune. Thank God they didn’t have this donut shop when we lived here because first off we probably wouldn’t have moved and secondly we’d both be bigger than sumo wrestlers. But holy moly these donuts were the kind you’ll find in heaven! They fry them when you order them so you’re getting the freshest donuts you’ll ever eat.

Coming home for a visit isn’t all about the Redskins and seeing how much food we can stuff in our pie hole, but that sure is a lot of fun! Although I don't think it will be so fun anymore when I step on the scale next week and find those three pounds I'd lost before we went on vacation.





  1. The USS Dodge Ram is even Redskins Red!

  2. I knew there was an ulterior motive why he chose that particular truck! LOL