Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rest in Peace

My husbands SUV is our sturdy trip mobile. The USS Pathfinder. He doesn't like my mini van and prefers to drive his manly SUV on all of our trips. That's fine by me, because its an extremely comfortable SUV. When we were in Alabama during spring break, it acted funny one afternoon. It was acting exactly like my first car did all those years ago, when the transmission went out on it. After the SUV rested for a day it seemed to be fine. Sunday afternoon, on the way home from Cincinnati, it did it again. Fortunately we were less than a block from home. But this time it's still acting wonky (a technical term). We're afraid it's death is near. We've had the SUV since 2005, so it's paid off. But we've been enjoying spending the money we would have spent on a car payment. I fear our good times are over. The hubster is going to make a last ditch effort by having the transmission flushed this weekend, but I think he's throwing money into the wind.

Another reason he doesn't want to get rid of the SUV, other than not having a car payment, is that our dog (who died March 2008) loved that vehicle.  He loved it so much that he's still in there! Hard to believe, but whenever I take a picture of the SUV at night, he shows up in the picture. We've tried to get Moose to pass over into the light, but so far he hasn't. A Medium told me that I need to ask a friend or relative who has passed over to come and get Moose and help him go into the light. I know I need to do that. Its hard though. We've missed that dog so much that I think it became a comfort when he (and his friends) started showing up in the SUV.

(See the two dogs in the middle seat? The beagle lived next door to us and passed a few months after our Moose did. It would seem that they are joined in the afterlife. We don't know who the dog in the far back is.)

But still, you can't live your life around the spirit of your deceased pet. The SUV has to go sometime.


  1. I will always miss my 1990 Toyota Landcruiser. Got so it wouldn't pass inspection anymore. Kept it sitting for years, then drove it to the junkyard one Sunday.
    Don't get car payments. buy something you can afford to buy with cash.


  2. Greg thinks that car makers purposefully design cars to break down shortly after they are paid off. He says what would happen to people who make car parts and places that repair cars, if cars were built not to break. Good point but I dunno that I fall for the conspiracy. Nontheless, this sucks! I wish he'd trade it in while he can still get a good tradein on it. Don't want any more car payments, so I think he should drive something small, cheap and good on gas. No more huge manly SUVs. ;-)

  3. I am soooooooo there right now. My poor little Saturn is making death throes

  4. Oh no. So you know our pain. It totally sucks. Hopefully the universe is trying to tell us a better vehicle is right around the corner for us. Not that I want a car payment though. ugh...

  5. Thanks so much for your beautiful and heartfelt comments on my blog "Home of the Faeries". I do believe in spirits. And I know my dear hubby is somewhere across the Veil. I feel him and sometimes when the breeze stirs, I know he's caressing my cheek.

    You must have had a wonderful/horrible experience after heart surgery, but now you have no fear.
    Thanks for your words of comfort.