Thursday, May 16, 2013

God's Bowling Alley

When I was a kid my grandmother, in an attempt to quell my fear, told me that the sound of thunder was actually God bowling. When a particularly loud BOOM would shake the skies, she would cheer and say God had got a strike. If she'd known how to give a high-five I'm sure she would have at that moment.

As a result I have to say I find the sound of a thunder storm comforting. I used to think Heaven must be a really fun place. I couldn't wait to bowl with God up in his heavenly bowling alley.

Now today, as I sit in my living room listening to the sound of thunder booming in the sky directly above me, all I can think is "Holy shit, enough with the bowling already!"


  1. I'll tell my dawg that next time there's thunder.

  2. He'll be glad to know it's only God bowling I'm sure. LOL