Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

I recently purchased new glasses. It had been quite awhile since I’d had my eyes checked. Six years in fact. I had problems with those glasses from day one. I have progressive lens, which are basically no line bifocals. So the bottom portion of my lens are for reading or seeing things up close. I’ve never been able to see out of the bottom portion, much less read with them. They’ve always been so blurry on that portion that I’ve had to take my glasses off to read. When I got them I went back to the eye doctor almost every day for the first month, complaining I couldn’t see out of them. The doctor kept telling me I was impatient and not giving myself time to get adjusted to the new glasses. Apparently I never did get adjusted to them because for six years I couldn’t see a dammed thing out of the bottom portion of those glasses.

You know what’s coming, right? Yup, the eye doc I went to ten days ago checked my eyes and the reading glasses portion had changed significantly according to my lens. But when I checked the new script and was the same as m y old script from six years ago. Long story short, we discovered Dr. Lauck’s office in Indianapolis (a city I no longer live in, which is good, cause if I did I’d go and kick Lauck’s ass) put the wrong glasses prescription in the bottom part of my glasses. No bloody wonder I haven’t been able see out of the reading portion of those glasses. I think of all the times I went  into that jerks office and told him and Brad that I couldn’t see and they dismissed my complaints as being an irrational, inpatient woman. It really pisses me off! And to wait six years before going for another exam, that makes me want to kick my own butt for being so damned stupid! My vision insurance pays in full for a new exam every other year so I can’t use that as an excuse for waiting.

So anyway, I picked up my new glasses on Friday. End of story, right? Wrong. It’s me; nothing goes smooth when I’m involved. I’d picked out the most awesome, hip frames. They were rocking! The tech takes them out of the case and hands them to me. I almost burst into tears. They were coke bottle glasses! The lens were so thick, it looked like clown glasses.

Because the bottle of the glasses just had a thin, clear cord, the lens had to be twice the thickness of a normal lens so they could cut a groove into the lens to hold the bottom cord. At least that is the excuse the manager gave me. She told me that the male tech who ordered for me should have informed me that those frames were not a good option for someone with my perscription. He did not.

They let me pick out a different pair of frames and remade the glasses that day with much thinner lens and set them in the new frames. They weren’t as cool as the first frames, but at least they weren’t coke bottles. The new frames are a dark purple. Eggplant is the technical name of the color.

The new pair aren’t without incident however. I’ve already had to have the cheap-ass plastic nose grips replaced with silicone grips because the plastic ones clicked every time I moved.  And tomorrow I’ll be going back again because one of the nose grips was placed wrong and is cutting into the side of my nose.

But discomfort aside, I can see out of the top portion of the glasses AND the bottom portion! I can actually read a book with my glasses on! The sheer joy of it is astounding!


  1. I got a pair of those no line bifocals and had to take them back and get the kind with the line. Everything was moving!