Saturday, April 20, 2013

An UnBEElievable Start To The Day

Warning: Graphic scenes of death may follow. Continue reading at your own risk.


I learned the hard way this morning that one should be careful about where they procure their firewood. Several months ago I procured mine from a tree in the neighborhood that had been cut down. Although it was still green, it burned great. Even though the weather recently turned and it’s been spring for the last couple of weeks, I still had a couple of chunks of firewood left by the hearth. I mean, you never know when you’ll get a chilly spring night where you want to snuggle in front of the fireplace with your sweetie.

For the last week I’ve been noticing small piles of sawdust around the logs. I dismissed it and swept it away. But then, this morning, I suddenly heard a buzzing sound as I sat in the living room, drinking my morning cup o’ joe. And there on the French door was a BEE!


Fortunately for me, but unfortunate for him, I have a sticky trap on a window pane of the door. I keep it there should a gnat or fly get in the house. Slow death…yes…but effective. A wing of the bee became stuck on the trap. In his efforts to get loose, he glued more of himself to the sticky glue. It was inhumane to have him buzzing there, waiting to die a slow death. But he was huge so I couldn’t smash him with a Kleenex. So I took a big econo-sized bottle of detergent out of the laundry room and whacked him. Literally.


Not only did his guts ooze out, but I was go good at delivering my blow of instant death, that his head popped off. The Dippy Daloo kiss of death. What a way to start the day. UnBEElievable!