Friday, April 19, 2013

Scaring the Dippy Outta my Daloo

While I’m a rock-hard, seasoned ghost hunter, there are the rare times when even I get the Dippy scared out of my Daloo. Today was one of those times. Worse yet, it happened figuratively in my own back yard.


I start snapping pictures around the neighborhood for my Getty Images folder this morning. My goal is to capture the illusive goldfinch and make a few bucks off of his image. I captured more than I bargained for. My neighbors den window appears in a few shots. In one of those shots a face appears. It’s ominous beady eyes are unmistakable.
Here's a closer closeup of the face. This is the very same entity that has shown up in pictures I’ve taken in my own home and even in a picture I took of my SUV. It would seem Dippy has a paranormal stalker. 
It would also seem Dippy talks about herself in the third person. That’s pretty Dippy if you ask me!


  1. At least the ghost doesn't look angry and isn't looking at you...

    It makes me hear the music from Twilight Zone...

    415 iziyco

  2. I think I have that music permenently piped in my brain. LOL