Saturday, April 27, 2013


Playing with my iPhone, trying to see if I can post to my blog from my phone. I'm sure there is an app that would make this task much easier but I'm a person who doesn't even text. Bet you didn't know there were any of us left, did you.

Nonetheless it would be awesome to be able to post from my phone since we travel so often. It would be nice to leave the bulky laptop at home on our weekend jaunts and blog with my iPhone.

For that very reason I've been considering getting an iPad recently. But since I bought a new laptop last weekend I thought I'd bought enough new technology for this month.


  1. Apparenty, since I read that, you can post from your iPhone.
    I'd get an Android, they have apps for both blogger and wordpress.

    ognized erevpo
    word verification sucks and is unnecessary!

    1. What I meant to say, is would you please turn it off?
      folngd steels
      tectural lbeats

  2. Took a while but I finally found the setting for turning word verification off. Yay!