Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life in Hell

I want to murder my neighbor. I hate him. He moved into the foreclosed-upon townhouse next to me last August and has spent every day trying (unsuccessfully) to remodel it himself on a shoestring budget. He is no where closer to being finished than he was the day he started last August. I wish he would fall down the steps and break both of his arms. If I don’t get peace and quiet soon I may help him fall down the steps and break both arms!

El-jerko started by gutting the place, beginning with removing all the carpeting in the house, then using a jackhammer to remove the floor tiling on the stone floor that was glued to the concrete slab. Try living through something like that without wanting to murder the culprit! Then he spent three long months sanding the concrete floor so he could eventually paint it crap brown and pour an industrial sealer on it that made all of us neighbors sick. The funny part (okay maybe not so funny for us) is that he screwed it up so bad (cause he had no clue what he was doing) that says he will be redoing the entire project after he finishes with his latest abomination. I may be in the looney bin by then. But for now I'm in hell!

Since late December he has been using a nail gun (with a LOUD compressor) to nail single boards from an abandoned house he found, to create his version of hardwood flooring. Then he sands and sands and sands, then nails and nails and nails. Every ten to fifteen seconds the house rattles as a loud BOOM comes from the force of the nail gun slamming the nail into the wood. I very rarely have wished harm on someone but I sincerely wish serious harm on him! AAAGGHHHH!!!!!


  1. They are building a house next door. The first Saturday when they started early, I went over and told them to not start till 9 on weekends, cause the wife likes to sleep late. They gave me no problems, (I think they like sleeping late on weekends too.)
    fun-rife comceu

  2. Yet another reason I need to move to the Caymans.

    Fun-rife? They get crazier and crazier don't they? LOL