Sunday, May 12, 2013

Puppets Need Not Apply

Mothers Day. Hah! What a joke. Just another day to be disappointed and under appreciated if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I'm that that much of a Scrooge. (Yes I am) I just don't care for a holiday that is a blinding glare in my face that I don't have a mother. For those who do have a loving mother, kudo's to you. But I don't.

Maybe that's why my husband doesn't acknowledge the day. My daughter, who lives 700 miles away, always sends me a lovely card and calls me on mothers day. But my husband ignores the day when it comes to me, but stresses over whether his mother (who lives 800 miles away) received our card in time for the day. He doesn't tell me happy mothers day, doesn't give me a card or a flower--he does nothing.

Finally today, when he asked what I would like to do for dinner, I took the bull by the horns (or husband by the balls as it were) and told him I didn't give a crap about dinner. I said if you really want to know what I want, it's a husband who cares enough to say happy mothers day to me or give me a card or a cheap bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. His reply? He didn't think I liked mothers day so that's why he's chosen to ignore it the last several years. Well I don't particularly like the fact that I'm growing older either but that doesn't mean he can ignore my birthday! Then he proceeds to tell me I need to tell him if I want him to buy me a card or wish me a happy mothers day because he's a man and doesn't know what is in a woman's mind.

Men, do you want to know the secret to a woman's mind? The secret is that we don't want to tell you to be thoughtful and think of us on holidays. We want you to be thoughtful all on your own. Its like going up to you and saying, "Tell me this outfit looks good on me." And then you repeating, "That outfit looks good on you." No one--male or female--wants a puppet for a partner. Puppets need not apply!


  1. Well, I gotta team up with the hubster on this one.
    Women want a man to be thoughtful and mushy and they just aren't. We pretend to be because if we didn't, you'd be more PO'ed than you are now.
    Women are crazy, men are stupid. Women are crazy because men are stupid. So I've heard.

  2. That's cause men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Or is it the opposite way? Maybe women are from Mars. That would explain why we turn green sometimes. LOL